EMFs & Autism

The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs: How to Fix Our Stupid Use of Technology by Nicolas Pineault Nov 1, 2017 
This book does an excellent job of covering the research and presenting it in a clear and often humourous way.
It includes chapters on protecting yourself from radiation.

     Yes, he’s going there. I get it — talking about the possible causes or contributing factors to the current autism epidemic is like slapping certain parents in the face.

     But trust me, nothing I’ll share below is my personal opinion. Everything is based on research by independent scientists who just want to find solutions to make the life of autistic children and their families better.

     To address the EMF-autism link, let me talk about 3 people who are at the forefront of this issue:

     Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt

     Investor and EMF activist Peter Sullivan reports: “In 2001, Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt began to notice a higher rate of autism among the children of parents who worked at Microsoft, which is headquartered near his practice outside of Seattle.

     Working with a building biologist, he found dramatically higher levels of wireless radiation in the homes of families with autistic children. Dr. Klinghardt now reduces wireless and other electric fields as part of his autism prevention and recovery program. Parents who follow his strict guidelines often see their children improve and even recover in about six months.”

     In a 2012 video (As reported by Dr. Martin Blank in Overpowered. See one of these 3 studies here: ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19194860) Dr. Klinghardt boldly states that the EMF-autism link is so strong that he can accurately predict the risks a pregnant mother faces of having an autistic child just by measuring the levels of EMFs in her sleeping environment.

     Dr. Martin Pall

     This guy is definitely keeping himself busy, even if he is technically “retired”. In 2015, he did a presentation at the Autism One Conference — where he clearly demonstrated the link between screwed up VGCCs (remember, excess calcium flowing into your cells?) and autism. See www.gizmodo.com

     I’ve personally watched every single talk I could find on Youtube from Dr. Pall, and I can tell you that he’s always very conservative when saying that one thing causes another thing, unless there’s incredibly solid science behind his claims.

     With that in mind, he now states that “the autism epidemic is probably caused by EMF exposure”. Excess calcium in cells lead to an inflammatory overload, impaired neuron formation, blood-brain barrier disruption, and a bunch of other processes that could all contribute to the overload autistic children are affected by.

     Dr. Toril Jelter and Cindy Sage

     After seeing how incredibly fast autistic children seem to get better in a low-EMF environment, Jelter and Sage developed a special protocol for autistic kids that’s often cited in the online autism circles.

     Their advice is pretty simple. For at least 12 hours per day (at night), shut down the electrical circuits to the child’s bedroom — while turning off any wifi router, baby monitor or wireless “DECT” phone (all of which emit RF radiation). See www.clearlightventures.com

     The results such simple changes can have in some autistic children are incredible. 80% of the children get better in just 2 weeks.

     Nothing I’ve talked about in this section is the definitive proof that EMFs are the sole cause of autism. The jury is still out on that. But the evidence that a low-EMF environment helps most autistic kids get better cannot be ignored, and needs further investigation.